Oracle, 2018 - Present
Principal Product Designer
Leading UX design, research, and strategy for a team that builds internal tools for members of the Cloud Infrastructure org. Currently focused on building applications that support our data center operations team. This includes apps for ordering, tracking, and fixing or replacing the hardware that runs our cloud computing business, as well as managing the world-wide data centers it all sits in. A multitude of different systems need to talk to each other and keep tabs on every piece of equipment, in every one of our data center locations around the globe, that’s ordered and put into service. I’m designing a parent system that ties all these applications together, provides guided workflows and handoffs, project tracking, surfaces dashboards that give a “state of the union,” and ultimately uses a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to keeping our Cloud running at peak performance.
In addition to the day-to-day design work, I've established processes for teams to work with design and built strong relationships to ensure we are always building the right thing for our users and in a way that will scale for future needs. It's meant teaching non-designers about our craft and how we can add value, and then demonstrating that value through impactful deliverables. When we start to be involved where we didn't used to be, I know I've succeeded.

Apptio, 2017 - 2018
Senior Product Designer
I worked on a variety of projects, including a month-end close feature, a visual method to map service costs for capitalization, and an Agile management tool. Additionally, the team worked together to develop a visual and interaction pattern library and identify core design team principles to help evangelize our process throughout the company, which I heavily contributed to. I also implemented a more formal user research process and trained both the design and PM teams on best practices.

Vertafore, 2014 - 2017
Senior UX Designer
ImageRight - led design for this complex content and workflow management system used by insurance agencies and carriers to manage documents and complete tasks in pre-programmed steps to ensure compliance. It's existed as a desktop application for over 20 years, and for several years I worked at building out key functionality in a cloud-based application. This required looking carefully at existing features and asking how they can be improved upon when brought into the new environment. Because of the multi-window and -panel nature of the product, it was a fun challenge figuring out how to make these features simple and usable in a browser. Some of the features I've built include an optical character recognition forms definer, OCR forms validation, audit history reporting, content packaging, keyboard shortcuts, and manual redaction. I regularly met with our customers to gather research and test prototypes, and I led design sessions with them at our conferences to identify and prioritize functionality they needed.
Additionally, I mentored junior designers through smaller pieces of larger features while they built up their team and project handling skills. Because of my team's hard work and dedication to quality, sales was able to make multi-million dollar deals for our browser app, helping to secure Vertafore's future in cloud-based enterprise applications.
Client Portal - owned all design for this secure, electronic portal for an insurance agency's customers to verify coverages, request policy changes, print auto ID cards, manage certificates of insurance, upload or download documents, and create custom content pages. Agencies can brand their portals with their own colors, logos, and fonts, assign user-level permissions for certain actions and page access, and customize automatic emails the system sends out. The portal is integrated into our agency management software, requiring tight coordination with those teams to both build our functionality within their system and to develop APIs we could use. When I joined the team a rough beta version was in place, and I built up the architecture and functionality to a robust v1 release that steadily increased in sales over the 3 years I was there and is now one of the most popular add-on products. 
Work included implementing a modern, responsive grid, architecting document sharing with our other applications, building customizable email templates, designing a policy change request feature, integrating DocuSign functionality, laying out complicated policy documents in an easy-to-read format, a reporting feature, and flows for an accident assistance mobile app. In addition to leading regular research and testing sessions with customers, I took on some product manager duties for four months when we lost ours to a job change. This included presenting to customers at our annual conference in both large and small groups, and assisting our sales team by providing in-depth demos and answering questions for their customers on sales calls.
Front Office, now known as SalesTrack, is a tool for producers to manage sales leads and opportunities by tracking names, contact interactions, and creating action and follow-up alerts. I was brought on to work with a couple product managers who had a strong set of requirements and some rough flows worked out in order to build a working prototype to gather customer feedback and get buyoff from leadership to fund the project. It was fun to start from the beginning with a clean slate and fully flesh out the architecture and interactions, and along the way share it with some key users to test the functionality and gather feedback. We ended up with a solid prototype that the PM was able to sell to leadership and earn funding for the project. It was ultimately built on another platform to save time and is now a popular product with mid- to large-sized agencies.

Amazon, 2013-2014
Contract UX Designer
I was brought on to a new team to help flesh out the concept for a shopping and gift advice feature. The project manager had a solid idea of what the feature would be, but not a lot of other requirements. I did the initial competitive research and flow maps for how it could work, and vetted possible functionality with the development team. With a more complete picture in place, I began wireframing out a first version that included capabilities like commenting on, and up or down voting, suggestions, and then prototyping out basic interactions. It was a fun project but, to my knowledge, it never went live.

LightSword Media, 2012-2013
Creative and Online Marketing Director
LightSword Media was the creative and marketing branch for a portfolio of small companies in the financial services industry. I led the strategies on that front, which provided services in UX and web design, copywriting, front-end coding, email and SMS marketing, SEO, landing page optimization, and brand guideline development. Additionally, I established relationships with outside development teams to build out larger features requiring backend database work, and I hired and managed other freelance professionals for larger projects.

AT&T Mobility, 2011-2012
Contract Visual Designer
Working within strict brand guidelines, and utilizing advanced image editing and device compositing skills, I created designs for marketing campaigns, HTML emails, and new site pages. Additionally, I collaborated with marketing on promotional ideas and offers and contributed designs to the internal design pattern library.

RedTech Studios, 2010-2011
Interactive Designer
Designed websites, UIs for interactive applications, HTML emails, and sales collateral for a variety of large companies such as Microsoft and F5. Wrote front-end code for websites and HTML emails. Managed client relationships, project estimates, budgets, and timelines. Successful project deliverables helped secure our yearly contracts and bring in new work.

ING Direct, 2010
Contract UI Designer
Part of a team working on the ShareBuilder site re-design. We completely re-architected the site and designed new navigation flows. Individually, I built out several interactive site financial tools and created marketing-focused landing pages. I also picked up the last phase of the v1 mobile application design and completed the mobile application style guide.

Classmates, 2004-2009
Art Director
I spent the first half of my tenure on the marketing team designing branded ad campaigns and landing pages for internal promotions, as well as for external promotions involving vendors like Walt Disney World, CBS, and Warner Brothers. My second half was spent on the UI team designing interfaces for site products like a Google mapping feature, Neighborhoods (akin to today's Nextdoor), reunion event planning, and photo uploading and tagging. In addition to contributing individually, I was responsible for overseeing other designers on both these teams to ensure we were all aligned on larger team goals, branding, and vision.

X10 Wireless Technology, 2000-2004
Web and Multimedia Designer
Here is where I first honed my advertising and marketing chops by making banner ads and landing pages and placing them into live campaigns and watching their numbers for successes and failures. I did everything from design to copywriting to coding, and generated over $500k in daily sales during our peak years.

Higher Education
Western Governors University
Master of Science, Management and Leadership (in progress)
Southern New Hampshire University
Bachelor of Arts, Graphic Design & Media Arts
Minor, Psychology  
The Art Institute of Seattle
Associate of Applied Arts, Multimedia

Continuing Education
School of Visual Concepts
User Experience, Typography, Advertising, Ad Copywriting
Bellevue College
User Experience, Mobile Website Design, HTML and CSS

Hexagon UX - I regularly participate as a mentor in the Mentor/Mentee cohorts held throughout the year. I enjoy giving back to the community and helping to guide others as they navigate their careers.
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